Wordscapes Level 7 Answers

Wordscapes level 7 in the Grow Pack category and Sunrise Group subcategory contains 6 words and the letters DENT making it a relatively easy level.
This puzzle 2 extra words make it fun to play.

File pdf for level 7

The words included in this word game are:

The extra or bonus words are:

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Wordscapes level 7 answers

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Level 7 Word Definitions - Wordscapes Answers

DEN - The home of certain animals.

END - The final point of something in space or time.

NET - A mesh of string, cord or rope.

TEN - A numerical value equal to 10; the number occurring after nine and before eleven, represented in Roman numerals as X, in Arabic numerals as 10, and in the hexadecimal system (base 16) as A.

DENT - A shallow deformation in the surface of an object, produced by an impact.

TEND - To kindle; ignite; set on fire; light; inflame; burn.